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Achievements of the Faculty of Geological Prospecting inhumanities and education

There are a lot ofcoordinating propositions and programmes suggest by the Faculty and direct to: wintervacationin the Carpathian Mountainsskiing forstudents (January);holding spring and autumn hikes to the Crimea with a visiting of the monuments of nature and architecture (May and October), summer recreation in the camp forstudents, located in the juniper forest on the southern coast of Crimea (June-July); the organization of expeditions to mountains of the Caucasus (August).

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Students of the Faculty of Geological Prospecting are on the glacier Large Azau 3500 m (Central Caucasus, August 2010) and during the spring camping trip on the mountainous Crimea (Crimea, May 2011)

All the time curators of groups hold classes ith students, whichhelp to identifycreative personsand put in themethical values. There are a lot of excursionstoDepartments, lectures on the History of the creation, development and current state of the specialities.

Material and technical base isgrowingat the Facultyensuring educational process. For example, purchase of scientific and research equipment, increasing the base of field equipment for educational practices and geological expeditions.

There is an active student governmentat the Faculty, for example of their job can be work of student councils in the dorms number 1 and number 4, activity ofgeological- touring club and student employment services. Also continuously carry out preventive lectures with the students about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drug use.

Students of the Faculty regularly take part in the celebration of Tatyana's Day - the Day of students, meetings with veterans, charity events aimed at the financial help for children's homes, a concert dedicated to the International Women's Day, a concert-contest "Student Spring"; events dedicated to the 1st of May and Day of Victory; competition of Freshman student Day, events for the Day of Memory of Victims of Holodomor and political repressions in Ukraine.

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