National TU Dnipro Polytechnic Compliance with the Time

Very popular thing for students, in addition to studying, is "Stage of NMU." Concerts, competitions between Departments, annual festivals allow young geologists open their talents.

Duringr three consecutive years, there is a Joinedteam ofthe Faculty of Geological Prospecting and the Faculty of Construction, which take part together in such competitions as

"Freshman student Day"

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Student Spring

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where they win prizes. They call themselves the family. Their perfomances always full of well-coordinated job with the script and the scenery.

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Also, for several years, "Joined team" organizes a concert dedicated to the "St. Valentine's Day.

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In addition students organaze the annual concert in the beginning of April, dedicated to the "Day of the geologist," with the support of the Dean of the Faculty of Geological Prospecting, Vasily Prikhodchenko.

Also on theFaculty there are classes of dancing in the Dance studio "J-Soul", under the leadership of the student Yeugenia Soldatenko for whome the dancing - that's life.

Yeugenia said:

Dance studio" J-SouL "- is:

- Three and a half hours a week of dance training;

- Physical activity are forced to work your entire body;

- Dance improvisation in the style of hip-hop;

- Choreography in a variety of contemporary styles;

- The positive atmosphere and a friendly little dancing family "

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