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Areas of research activities of Departments

Departments of Faculty of Geological Prospectig have powerful academic traditions and develop research trends ofclassical scientific schools as well as the latest research trends. There are widespreadscientific schools of coal geology(the founder ProfessorO.Shirokov), oregeology(the founderProfessor.Tanatar), geophysics (the founderProfessorK.Tyapkn), drilling (the founderProfessorA.Yepshteyn) etc.

Modern researches of Departments are concentrated in the next areas:

· Geology and Mineral Prospectingcoalandoregeology;

Hydrogeology and Engineering geology geomechanics,ecology;

Geophysical Methods of Mineral Prospecting physics of Earth;

Mineral Prospecting Technologytechnology and engineering exploration MPT;

Geoinformation Systems spatial analysis and remote sensing, ecology;

General and Structural Geologyoregeology,gemology;

Mineral Prospecting Technologycoalgeology, mineralogy;

Higher Mathematicsgeomechanics;

Chemistrymineral dressing.